Garbh Sanskar in Pregnancy: Benefits and Practices

Discover the Power of Garbh Sanskar: Boosting Your Baby's Development. Learn Ancient Pregnancy Practices for a Healthy Journey.

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Have you ever thought of a difference in the productions of two farmers despite using the same land, water, daylight, and weather conditions? One is reaping a prosperous production, and the other is fighting for his survival. Why is that? This is because an ideal farmer knows the secret of a good production, which the other farmer doesn’t know or doesn’t even want to know.

Let us explore the secret of procuring the best progeny by some examples and try to understand the greatness of Garbh Sanskar.

What is Garbh Sanskar?

"Garbh Sanskar is a mental and emotional diet of pregnant mothers during pregnancy." In other words, we can say that Garbhsanskar is a pregnant mother's a positive, joyful, and ritualistic lifestyle during her pregnancy." In Sanskrit, "garbh" means womb, while "sanskar" refers to imbuing positive impressions or values on the child in the womb.

Garbh Sanskar is an ancient Indian practice that helps pregnant mothers live in a happy, stress-free, and positive way. Think of it as emotional and mental nourishment for the baby before it's born. Just like you plant a seed well to get good fruit later, you start caring for a baby while it's still in the womb. Once the baby has grown, it's hard to change their basic qualities.

It's all about shaping the baby's character and mind through the mother's feelings, thoughts, and actions. The idea is that a baby in the womb can sense and learn from positive energy and feelings, which will help them grow up better.

According to modern science, 80% of human brain development occurs in the mother's womb. Factors like stress, anxiety, and negativity can adversely affect this process. Research has shown that extreme levels of stress may even lead to preterm delivery. Conversely, maintaining a positive and joyful lifestyle during pregnancy, as suggested by ancient Indian science, contributes to the birth of a happy and healthy child.

The facts now proven by modern science were already documented in ancient Indian scriptures like Charak Samhita, Sushrut Samhita, Kashyap Samhita, and Garbhopanishad. These texts, written thousands of years ago, offer detailed insights into the monthly developmental stages, do's and don'ts, the ideal environment for pregnant mothers, and the activities they should engage in during pregnancy. The advice and lifestyle tips provided in these ancient texts are supported by modern science and recent research.

Importance and Benefits of Garbh Sanskar

Garbh Sanskar is essential for both the pregnant mother and the unborn child's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. A mother's thoughts, emotions, and actions significantly impact the child in the womb's growth and development. Garbh Sanskar helps to:

  • Develop a strong bond between the mother and the unborn child.
  • Improve the mother's physical, emotional, and spiritual health during pregnancy.
  • Enhance the unborn child's cognitive, emotional, and behavioural development.
  • Create a positive environment in the womb, ensuring a healthy and happy baby.
  • Prepare the parents for their future roles as caregivers and guides.

Myths about Garbhsanskar

When people hear the term "Garbh Sanskar" or "Garbhsanskar" and are not familiar with its meaning, they often make assumptions. They might think it's solely about holy rituals, Ayurvedic practices, Pregnancy music therapy, or listening to mantras and shlokas. Some believe that simply attending classes or practicing pregnancy yoga counts as Garbh Sanskar. However, these are all myths or half truth about the Garbhsanskar.

In reality, Garbh Sanskar is an ancient Indian science focused on creating a joyful, stress-free, and virtuous lifestyle for the expectant mother. It serves as a mental and emotional nourishment for the unborn child. Far from being a one-time activity or ritual, it is a daily lifestyle that promotes holistic development. While some of the activities mentioned above could be the part of Garbh Sanskar, the practice traditionally encompasses a total of 12 activities aimed at the holistic development of the child in the womb.

Scientific Perspectives on Garbh Sanskar

The benefits of Garbh Sanskar are not only rooted in ancient Indian wisdom but also supported by modern scientific research. Here are some scientific perspectives on Garbh Sanskar:

80% Brain Development:

Garbhsanskar Guru App - Scientific Perspective

According to modern scientific research, a newborn has 100 billion neurons developed. The process of brain development begins on the 16th day of pregnancy and continues until delivery. During this process, approximately 2.5 lakh neurons develop every minute.

Babies Can Listen and Remember in the Mother's Womb:

Research has proven that babies in the mother's womb can listen. That's why it is advised to be careful with what is spoken around pregnant mothers. The baby in the womb can hear sounds from its mother and surroundings and retain the memory even after birth.

Language Learning begins from mother’s womb:

Language learning is considered one of the most complicated types of learning. Modern research has proven that babies only an hour old can differentiate between the sounds of their native language and a foreign language.

Impact of Stress and Negativity on Pregnancy:

Stress, anxiety, and excessive negativity during pregnancy can shorten the gestation period and may inadvertently lead to preterm delivery, as per the latest research. On the contrary, a positive attitude and the mother's involvement in activities that keep her mentally positive and happy increase the neuron connections.

In a Nutshell, From a modern scientific perspective, it is also recommended for mothers to live a positive, joyful, stress-free lifestyle during pregnancy, as advised by ancient Indian science, i.e., Garbhsanskar.

Garbh Sanskar Activities for Every Trimester

Garbh sanskar Activities by Garbh sanskar Guru app

Sattvik Diet:

What to eat during pregnancy, is not going to make that impact. But, how to eat that matters the most. A Sattvik diet is not just about the types of foods consumed but also about the approach to eating, emphasizing meals prepared with love, care, and mindfulness.   

Meditation and Pregnancy Yoga: 

Before practicing pregnancy yoga, pregnant mother needs to consult the doctor to get consent. If permitted, then only one should practice it, that too under the guidance of pregnancy yoga expert. Any unauthentic content from internet could be harmful.

Meditation and prenatal yoga can help the mother stay calm, focused, and stress-free during pregnancy. It also helps in improving physical strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.


Garbhsamvad practice involves the mother and father talking, singing, or reciting stories and poems to the unborn child. This activity helps establish a strong emotional bond between the parents and the baby while fostering cognitive development. Engaging in Garbhsamvad regularly can help the unborn child familiarize themselves with their parents' voices, providing comfort and security.

Positive Thinking and Affirmations:

The power of positive thinking and affirmations can impact the unborn child's development. The mother should cultivate a positive mindset and practice daily affirmations to foster a nurturing environment in the womb.

Listening to Soothing Music:

Music profoundly affects the human mind and emotions. Listening to soothing, calming music during pregnancy can help the mother relax, and the positive vibrations can also benefit the unborn child.

Spiritual Development Activities:

Engaging in spiritual practices like prayer, reading religious or inspirational texts, and attending spiritual discourses can help the mother imbibe positive values and virtues, which can, in turn, be passed on to the unborn child.

Emotional and Social Development Activities:

A strong emotional and social support system is crucial for the mother's well-being during pregnancy. The family, friends, and partner should offer the expectant mother love, care, and encouragement.

Prenatal Education:

Reading books, attending workshops, and learning about prenatal care, childbirth, and parenting can help the mother prepare for her upcoming journey as a mother.

Engaging in Creative Activities:

Engaging in creative activities like painting, writing, or crafting can help the mother express her emotions, reduce stress, and enhance her overall well-being.

For a detailed guide on the types of creative activities beneficial for holistic development, please install Garbhsanskar Guru App.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garbh Sanskar

Garbh Sanskar from Which Month?

"Garbh Sanskar, from which month," or "When should one start Garbh Sanskar?" are common questions that pregnant mothers often ask. It is essential to understand that Garbhsanskar is not just a practice but a lifestyle that both planning and pregnant couples should incorporate daily. According to Ayurveda, couples should begin practicing Garbhsanskar from the day they decide to have a baby. Adopting a happy, healthy, positive, and joyful lifestyle at least six months before conceiving is advised and should be continued throughout the pregnancy. If you discover the concept of Garbhsanskar late into the pregnancy, it's still beneficial to begin the practice at any stage. However, the key is consistency. It should be practiced daily from the day you become aware of this remarkable science.

Online vs. Offline Garbh Sanskar Classes

Whether online Garbh Sanskar classes or offline Garbh Sanskar classes, both are useful for getting information about the concept of Garbhsanskar. Until and unless you are not applying the knowledge of garbhsanskar to a pregnant mother's lifestyle, it will not make an impact. Garbhsanskar is the lifestyle, and it needs to be practiced daily as the baby grows daily in the womb.

Comparative to offline Garbhsanskar classes, online Garbhsanskar is more impactful. The reason behind that is simple. If it is online, you can attend it and practice the garbhsanskar activities regularly, any time, from anywhere. Even if you travel or at your parent's home, garbhsanskar, if it is online, you can follow it. Offline classes will satisfy you that you have followed garbhsanskar, but they will not give you the desired results.

How to make a baby intelligent in the womb?

Some activities suggested in Garbhsansakr can support healthy brain development in the fetus. Here are some suggestions:

Solve Puzzles:

Solving mathematical and logical puzzles, and playing brain games like chess, sudoku, and crossword, can help mothers engage positively during pregnancy. Research indicates that such active involvement stimulates the release of hormones that aid in the development of the baby's left brain.

Stimulate the baby's senses:

Talking, singing, and reading to the baby in the womb can help stimulate their developing senses and promote brain development. Playing music or other soothing sounds can also have a calming effect on the baby. Practicing the right brain development activities and solving puzzles can also help in better brain development for the baby. 

Practice mindfulness: 

Research has suggested that mindfulness practices such as meditation and Yoga can help reduce stress and promote healthy fetal brain development.

Remember that every baby is different and that intelligence is a complex trait that is influenced by many factors. Caring for yourself and providing a nurturing environment for your growing baby can support healthy brain development.

How to practice Garbhsanskar from home?

Garbhsansakr guru app-based course is a one-stop solution that provides a supportive and positive environment to the pregnant mother and planning couple for better brain development. Along with the Intelligence quotient, the app-based course also helps to provide a supportive environment (activities and material) for better emotional, physical, and spiritual development. 

Garbh Sanskar Guru App for Pregnant and Pregnancy Planners

What does Garbh Sanskar Guru app offers to the pregnant mother?

Garbh Sanskar Guru app offers a daily 30-minute garbhsanskar activity-based course, which can be practiced daily and is suitable for working ladies and homemakers. The course provides customized and personalized activities like Yoga, diet, recipes, diet chart, stories, biographies, puzzles, right brain development activities, Garbhsamvad, shloka, prayers, spiritual activities, etc.. with the material as per pregnancy day and qualities selected by the mother. 

Even if you are advised to bed rest, you can practice garbhsanskar independently. This course allows you to practice the activities of garbhsanskar at ease. Along with activities, the Garbha Sanskar guru app provides online daily pregnancy yoga classes and weekly expert sessions to the course users to keep them physically and mentally fit and informed about pregnancy issues and associated solutions. 

In a nutshell, daily garbhsanskar course from Garbh Sanskar guru app offers: 

  • Daily 12 Personalized & customized activities for a stress-free pregnancy
  • Prenatal yoga classes (pregnancy yoga classes) every day until delivery
  • Weekly expert sessions/classes, 60+ hours of workshop recordings
  • 1:1 counselling support (Call, WhatsApp), pregnancy tools, daily tips

What does Garbh Sanskar Guru app offers for pregnancy planners?

Garbh Sanskar guru app is the world's first and only app that offers pregnancy planning courses based on garbhsanskar. As a part of the course, the Planning couple would get seven daily activities to enjoy a stress-free planning process. It is 90 days course where activities like reading, Yoga, couple activities, video-audio, habit improvement, and affirmations will be offered to the users with the material. Along with activities, the planner's course also offers online couple yoga classes and app-based tools for pregnancy planners to enjoy planning a baby.

The main objective of this plan for planning couples is to help them reduce stress and improve positivity. It also aims to enhance their habits. Utilizing affirmations and visualization techniques, combined with fertility-boosting yoga and diet guidance, can increase the chances of conceiving a baby naturally.

In a nutshell, the daily planner's course from the garbh sanskar guru app offers: 

  • Daily 7 Activities for Stress-free Planning
  • Couple yoga classes for pregnancy planners
  • 1:1 Counselling (WhatsApp, Call), Goodies
  • Informative Book for pregnancy planning

Garbhsanskar FAQs:

For additional FAQs related to Garbh Sanskar, please refer to this section of our website.


Garbhsanskar Summary by Garbh Sanskar Guru App

Garbh Sanskar is an ancient Indian practice that aims to nurture the unborn child's physical, emotional, and spiritual development by cultivating a positive and virtuous lifestyle for the pregnant mother. By incorporating the principles and practices of Garbh Sanskar into their daily lives, expectant mothers can lay a strong foundation for their child's future, ensuring that they grow up to be healthy, happy, and successful individuals.

Whether online or offline, Garbh Sanskar classes can provide valuable knowledge and guidance for pregnant mothers and their families. However, consistently practicing the Garbh Sanskar lifestyle throughout pregnancy is key to achieving the desired results. Parents can create a nurturing environment in the womb, impacting their child's well-being and future success.

Garbh Sanskar is an ancient Indian practice that holds significant relevance in today's world. By incorporating key components such as Garbhsamvad (Baby Talk) and understanding the scientific perspectives supporting Garbh Sanskar, expectant parents can foster a nurturing and positive environment for their unborn child. This promotes the child's physical, emotional, and cognitive development and strengthens the emotional bond between the parents and the baby.

Solution like Garbh Sanskar guru app provides daily activities for the mother’s to be to practice Garbh sanskar on a daily basis, which has been trusted by millions of mothers till date.

Key Takeaways

• Garbhsanskar is the combination of the first three sacraments (Garbhadhan Sanskar, Pusavan Sanskar, and Shrimantonayan Sanskar) among the 16, as per Indian scripture.

• Garbhsanskar is rooted in Vedic science.

• 80% of a child's brain develops in the mother’s womb. The child is influenced by our thoughts, activities, and the external environment.

• The virtues instilled during pregnancy are attributed to Garbhsanskar.

• Garbhsanskar should commence once a couple begins planning for a child.

• Practicing Garbhsanskar is akin to accomplishing 90 years of developmental work in just 9 months.

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